by Dr. Ben Lerner

Once a large truck was driving through one of the busiest tunnels in New York City. The truck was so large, in fact, that it got stuck in the tunnel and could not back up or move forward. Traffic eventually got backed up for miles and miles. Dozens of traffic, accident, bridge, road, and truck experts were on the scene for hours trying to figure out what to do. Just as the situation and the frustration of the experts was beginning to get out of hand, a 10 year old little girl poked her head out of the window and said, “Why don’t you just let the air out of the tires.” The dilemma was resolved.
THEME: When life and the world aren’t working out, re-assess everything!
Even though Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years make up a total of 3 days, most people just call November, December, and the first part of January – “The Holidays.”
Since it’s “The Holidays,” you can be irresponsible and careless. You eat can mass quantities, put all sorts of horrible “Holiday” items in your body, stop exercise, miss adjustments, spend too much, and put important things off because, after all, it’s “The Holidays.” In total, you end up with a 6-10 week reign of terror on your life and body.
If you add to these two months all of the other times you tend to abuse or ignore your health like; parties, anniversaries, other “holidays,” birthdays, weddings, weekends, secretaries day, etc., etc. you are basically being irresponsible for your health and many other areas of your life conservatively 3 months out of every year. (25% of every year)
One major problem during the holiday season is our sugar consumption. The fact is that the majority of foods are loaded with sugar or turn into sugar very quickly once they’re in your body. The problem is that your body can only handle 1-2 teaspoons of sugar in the bloodstream, any more than that and your body has no choice but to turn that excess energy into fat. Also, it is a fact that sugar causes a loss of elasticity and function in your tissues and contributes to obesity.[1] Advanced glycation end products or A.G.E.S. are another side effect of sugar. They do just what their initials say they do – cause you to age faster!
That means that sugar causes your skin to get wrinkly and worn out looking and contributes to you putting on weight. So, all of the holiday “treats” we eat really aren’t treating anything except a bigger belly, larger thighs, wrinkles, and getting older faster.
By the time you are 40 years old, you will have spent 10 years doing serious, possibly irreparable damage to your body, your finances, and in fact, your whole life. Another reason why people are supposed to live to 100, but only make 75. (25% off)
The Holidays,” are a time designated to celebrate and appreciate God’s blessings. However, they’ve become a time dedicated to shortening life and falling short of your God-given potential. Clearly, it’s time to look at “The Holidays” from a new perspective.
Of the tens of thousands of sick and suffering people I have met, examined, and consulted, not once have I heard one of them say, “I wish I had done less for my health all of these years.”
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[1] Cerami, A., Vlassara, H., and Brownlee, M. “Glucose and Aging.” Scientific American. May 1987:90. Lee, A. T. and Cerami, A. The Role of Glycation in Aging. Annals of the New York Academy of Science; 663:63-67