My first experience with testing came when several people close to me were really struggling with their health.  They were all chiropractors in their 30s with chronic, debilitating symptoms.  One was my wife Dr. Sheri.  We had small children, but on any given day she’d be muscling through being a wife, mother, and doctor with any number of severe symptoms.   

   Medicine was not an option for anyone, so all of us began seeking out natural answers and methods in addition to chiropractic.  We utilized a half dozen different natural doctors, ran at least 2 dozen tests, purchased several pieces of equipment (Ex: Sauna, PEMF), created an entire supplement area in our homes, and continue to make sure their spines were as perfect as possible.   It took some time, but everyone has now been well for over 10 years.  My wife suffers from none of her prior symptoms.

   The process helped us learn the rules of natural care.  Although many promises were made; no one test, remedy, or protocol was the answer.  Rather, we peeled back layers of the onion.  

As an example:

  1. We initially tested nutrient deficiencies, spent 6 months treating, and none of her tests or symptoms improved.
  2. We then tested her gut and food allergies.  There were many issues here that explained why the supplements weren’t being absorbed.
  3. Then we discovered positive tests for toxicity from heavy metals and mold. These were highly positive.  These toxicities mean you burn through certain vitamins quickly, are sick and fatigued, suffer adrenal burnout, and contribute to gut issues.  We followed a strict detox protocol and bought an infrared sauna.
  4. After following the food sensitivities guide, correcting the gut, and detoxifying heavy metals and mold, the nutrient levels came up and the adrenal burnout came down. 
  5. Then we tested hormones and followed those protocols.

      6 different wellness doctors, 50 books, and what felt like a billion dollars later, she was well.  Not just well, she eventually represented the United States at the World 70.3 Triathlon World Championships and we’ve done over two dozen triathlons, marathons, and half marathons together – as our hobby  – since then.   

      All of that said was to put testing and protocols in context.  In some cases, you test Vitamin D, take 10,000 IUs/day and the numbers go up quickly.  In others, it works similar but more slowly or you just need to increase the dose.  On the contrary, for many people – you’re just peeling back the first layer of the onion. 

      Here are some guidelines based on a version of a real case study.

Patient original test: FEMALE

  1. Vitamin D: 23 ng/ml
  2. Hs-CRP: 1.1

Protocol: Patient takes 5,000 IU/day of Vitamin D and 2 E-flamX/day for 90 days

Patient re-test:

  1. Vitamin D: 21 ng/ml
  2. Hs-CRP: 1.4

Managing results

  1. VARIABILITY: If we all tested ourselves 5 times a month, we’d see fluctuations with 3-5 up or down based on several factors.  In other words, this person is flat.  A night of drinking, carbs, stress, sleeplessness, or overly intense exercise could easily up CRP by .4.  Going from summer to winter in Iowa or living anywhere without seeing the sun for 2 weeks could easily drop Vit D by 5 points or more depending on the extremes.
  2. THE NEED FOR OTHER TESTS: There are several individual factors in this onion: gut health inhibiting absorption, DNA (VDR, TNFa, IL6 variants specifically), food sensitivities, thyroid, and cortisol levels are all areas that may need to be tested if suspected of hindering results.  Gut health and DNA will commonly impact these results.
  3. LIFESTYLE FACTORS: Poor or inadequate diet, factors like stress, lack of sleep, or being sedentary that would mean that either more areas need to be addressed or they need more of a dose to see a difference. 

Becoming A Great Physician 

   It is extremely important to manage expectations at the beginning. Doctors will often start with the most conservative protocol hoping for the best.  If you do, the re-test will show us whether or not this was simple and conservative was the best approach, or if there’s other factors going on that require higher dosing, a need to address key lifestyle areas, and/or a need for further testing.

   This is all about becoming the best doctor in your community and having the world seek out your care.  We provide you all of the tools and support you need to become a great physician, starting with realizing that people are unique with many layers.