The prime standard for understanding toxicity

    The attached document from 2005 was a study to help the public become aware of just how extreme toxicity really is not just in the environment, but in our bodies.  They chose to assess the purest form of human-kind, a baby, and what they were exposed to even before being born.  As you’ll see, prior to even being exposed directly to the outside world the number of toxins they’re directly exposed to is astronomical; 287 chemicals were discovered in cord blood!
With the formation of new chemicals being released commercially since this study was performed, one could only imagine what this study would discover if performed today.  Additionally, these are newborn babies who have not walked directly in the world, eaten their first DQ Blizzard, or drank their first Starbucks.  Imagine how toxic all of us, our patients, and family are?

What does this mean for us?

    It is common and likely that symptoms, cancers, mental health issues, and poor test results are the side-effect of toxicity.  Because of my deep dive in the cancer world in writing a book and helping several chiropractors through dealing with their own struggle with cancer, I have been well aware for many years that toxicity is well documented to be at the root of most cases of this insidious, deadly illness.
Toxicity is impacting 100% of people.  I’d encourage you to take toxicity more seriously, engage in toxicity testing, take Daily Detox at home, and make it a regular part of your protocols.

View the case study here

Have fun saving the world

Dr. Ben