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Test Result:
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Corrective Measures:
1. Lower Carb – Follow the Cardiac Dietary Protocol.
2. Gluco Pro – 2 pills 1 to 2 times a day (depending on the patient’s
compliance with Cardiac Nutrition – carb lowering)
3. Supplement Vitamin D – Vitamin DK – 10,000 IU per-day for 3
months then retest VD levels.
4. Avoid Niacin Flush – Niacin 500 – 1 pill in middle of biggest meal to
prevent Niacin flush.
5. Low Cortisol Levels – Becalm – 1 dropper full in the AM & again in
the evening where you can see the cortisol levels tanking.
Important Note: Adreno care should be used during these dips in
Cortisol levels if the Becalm is not effective. For best results use both
products simultaneously.
6. Addressing Stress levels  Stress Response – 1 dose at 11am to
dampen the Cortisol spike. It is important that the patient also addresses
the cause of their increased stress levels.
Important Note: Retesting Cortisol levels every 3-6 months is critical.
The patient should not be on Stress Response longer than necessary,
once cortisol levels have been corrected, discontinue the use of SR.