OneShare Health Members and Vitalleo Health patients can enjoy access to high quality chiropractic and naturopathic care for entire families, at affordable prices that fit within their budgets.  All members, family members and employees are eligible regardless of location or relationship.

Exceptional Care

With the Vitalleo Health (Well Aligned) OneShare program, Members will be able to receive exceptional care by their industry-leading practitioner, advanced diagnostic, and functional medicine system. This program harnesses the power of leading experts in chiropractic, DNA, nutrition, hormone science, and lab processes to create a one-of-a-kind system. Rather than treating symptoms, Vitalleo Health provides the best clinical outcomes for patients by testing for and addressing the cause of dysfunction.

Complete Program

The Vitalleo OneShare Health Plan provides complete programs for chiropractic, plus testing for:

Ways to Connect




We can connect you with any of our practitioners either in person or our powerful Telehealth platform. Members also receive access to many webinars & material based on specific conditions, testing, nutrition or other related health matters.

Significant Savings

As a Vitalleo Health/OneShare Member, you will be entitled to significant savings on all of these programs. For just a monthly payment of $15, you will receive a substantial reduction on your initial chiropractic visit, which includes consultation, x-ray, and exam (30% discount in addition) as well as 30% off twenty-four (24) chiropractic visits. Also, a 15% discount on all of our diagnostic tests that can be done right at your home. Furthermore, 15% on the supplementation necessary for everyday health & wellness and items needed for protocols based on your test results. The average member could save $1,000s of dollars annually.

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