by Dr. Ben Lerner
The human digestive system is a super-complex mechanism that impacts both health and disease in a multitude of ways. Also known as the “2nd brain,” the gut impacts emotional and mental health along with influencing the function of critical metabolic pathways.
What is also interesting to note is the need for nutrients for every cell and tissue to survive, never mind thrive. If you think about it, if the gut is not assimilating properly, then these nutrients don’t go out in quantity or quality as designed. The result could only possibly be, at best, less than optimum health. At worst; some significant issue in well-being.
I recently did a 40 minute webinar on the gut, cut down from what could have been 4 hours. Here are a few critical items, of many, that you should know know.
  1. Vitamin D, Magnesium, B-vitamins, Selenium, Zinc, & Vitamin C are all important for intestinal health
  2. While much focus is placed on pro-biotics, pre-biotics are necessary to set the stage for healthy flora.
  3. In today’s commercial food manufacturing environment, fiber is critical to support the body’s ability to move out toxins and “Frankenfood”
  4. Detoxification to deal with the daily bombardment and the toxic burden on the brain and gut.
  5. Little spells more trouble for the gut than inflammation. Managing through diet and nutrients like Omega-3 and turmeric designed to keep inflammation subdued are highly important.
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