Are You “Toxin Aware?”

There are many practical ways to make fitness and nutrition fit into your life, but what do you do when you realize that so much disease is caused by your environment? How do you escape all the toxins around you every day in the air, in the water, on public buses and airplanes, in your car, the pesticides your neighbors use on their lawn, home cleaning solutions, shampoo, sunscreen, and toothpaste? Do you have to move to a far away, cleaner country and live off the land? It’s not so easy. The solution isn’t moving; you literally can’t get away from it. There’s nowhere to go to escape toxins. Even if you travel to the most desolate place in Antarctica or deep into the jungles of Peru, you’ll still find cancer-causing chemicals. You’ll find them in the water, the soil, and the air. You’ll find toxins in the breast milk, bloodstreams, and urine samples of the inhabitants there, many of which we know will cause cells to mutate and can develop into cancer.

EXAMPLE OF OUR EXPOSURE TO TOXINS (It is likely much more bleak now)

  • 2000 new chemicals produced annually
  • 82,000 chemicals in our environment
  • 70,000 chemicals are used commercially
  • 62,000 chemicals used in our food supply
  • 1250 known carcinogenic chemicals

Studies show 287 chemicals in new born babies (cord blood)

While you aren’t likely to get cancer from one injection at your pediatrician’s office, one diet cola, one cigarette, one order of fast food, the new car smell, or one application of chemically-based skin lotion, these toxic materials can’t be effectively metabolized by your body. Therefore, these poisons build up in your system and create what is called a “toxic burden.” This gradual buildup of toxins in your blood, cells, tissues, or organs can go undetected for years before symptoms start to become obvious. Over time, the burden becomes too great for the body to carry. So while they don’t cause disease or death today, they most certainly can tomorrow. As toxins accumulate, they interfere with normal cell life and cause the cells in the body to react to the rising levels of unwelcome agents. The first step is awareness.  While it is completely impossible to avoid toxins, you can work to minimize your exposure. The second step is just as important: a toxicity protocol must be part of your daily lifestyle.  Check out what Vitalleo has to offer to support you in your toxin-aware living. *All Vitalleo products are manufactured with a strong commitment to the ideal form, dose, and quality of nutrients necessary to support the body’s own, inherent ability to both heal and sustain health. To learn more or start supplying the Vitalleo’s Edison System, click here.*