Cholesterol is NOT Your Enemy

Half of the people who have a heart attack do not and never had had high cholesterol.  When you take a statin like Lipitor, however, you will cause nutritional deficiencies that have been found to increase the likelihood of potentially very severe heart problems.  At the very least, with high cholesterol you should be checking your levels of homocysteine, CRP, fibrinogen, insulin, lipid peroxides, vitamin E, vitamins D and K.  Problems with the levels of these compounds are foundational to heart attacks.

Your body makes cholesterol and the most important organs in your body are either made of it or require it to function in good health.  Not only is cholesterol not the enemy you’ve been convinced it is, your body requires it for many critical purposes.  It often goes up in response to inflammation, can be a warning sign that something is in need of repair before a dangerous heart attack does occur, and actually helps to bind wounds on cells that occur from free radicals, chemicals, toxins, and nutritional deficiencies.  Even in cases where it should be lowered, lowering it has not solved your problem, can aggravate the underlying problem, and cholesterol lowering drugs definitely create a host of new problems.  Dying with normal cholesterol is not a wise thing to do.

In any case, getting a daily dose of B vitamins and loading up on Vitamins E, D, K, and Mg will truly address many of the underlying causes of heart disease that have been found to be a far greater factor in your health and future than cholesterol levels.