“Diet is Die with a ‘t’” – Garfield (The Cat, not the President)

Please utilize the “Three Day Dietary Diary” document which can be found under the “Patient Intake & Evaluation” section of the portal.

You’ve likely heard or experienced; diets don’t work.   When I speak to the public, one topic that is always sure to get a visceral response from the audience is the discussion on diet books.   I will ask the crowd, “How many of you have at least 2 diet books in your house right now?  (Every hand goes up).  Then I ask, “How many of you have an entire diet book library at your house?”  (Many hands go up along with a few laughs).  Finally, “How many of you are still following any of the diet books or plans you have in your house?” (No hands go up and some light groaning).

While most people buy multiple diet books or pay for numerous plans, few ever experience long-lasting results.  A UCLA study showed that while some diets can help you lose weight, they showed that it comes right back regardless of the type of book, plan, or which celebrity was on the cover. The average plan gained/lost 2lbs, or in other words; people ended up right where they started.

This study and others like it have revealed that the exceptions to the rule are programs that are monitored.  While a book, CD, or downloaded program failed, plans that are lead by trained coaches, doctors, and health experts were effect due to the consultation impact. Consultation leadership provides:

     1. Accountability

     2. Access to answers questions

     3. Measurements and updates; weigh-ins, record of body metrics, and progress evaluation

     4. Education and guidelines

In the most successful programs, these consults occur a minimum of 1x week although many utilize multiple weekly interactions with the leaders.


WA care plan protocols include one consultation each month, dietary recommendations, supplementation, additional tests, re-testing, and of course – chiropractic care.  As you can see from the studies above, consults are a critical need. At just one time each month, you’re at the bare minimum to generate both compliance and results.

These consults range from $150-300 and potentially mean everything to the success of the plan. Nothing is worse than getting to re-testing, getting poor results, and then finding out they took 1/3rd of a bottle of Omega, never opened up the E-FlamX, accidentally took 1 instead of 3 Edison pills/day, and were still waiting to start the anti-inflammatory diet.  All of which would have been corrected in the first consult.



     1. Three-day Diet Diary

     2. Protocols provided to the specific patient

     3. Power points and printouts specific to their health concerns and findings


      1. Diet diary:

          a. Point out positives; where they are actually following the recommendations

          b. Cover the negatives and why they are working against rather than for their biomarkers.

          c. Answer questions

          d. Provide suggestions, tips, recipes, and planning for success

         e. Set goals for the next consult

     2. Go through protocols – have they done this religiously?

         a. Consistency – why or why not?

         b. Challenging areas?

         c. Recommendations:

                 1. Recommend a new test

                 2. Changes to current food or supplement intake related to protocols

                          a. Increase certain supplements to better meet needs

                          b. Spread out or lower supplement dose due to tolerance issues

                          c. Dietary changes based on health issues they are having

                 3. Exercise instructions

                          d. Create action steps

                          e. Set goals between consult and next consult

     3. Go through educational resources and power points

          a. Examples:

             1. Show causes: Inflammation/toxicity/oxidation/subluxation and discuss how they can minimize exposure.

             2. Go through slides on the importance (re-sell, re-inspire) of the dietary changes, specific supplements, why                           your Vitalleo supplements and not Walmart or Walgreens, and the extreme dangers of the test findings.

             3. Go over or hand out instructional information.  Example: sleep slides, exercise forms for endurance or HIIT.

             4. Create action steps

             5. Set goals.

Have them leave there with their WA Consult Form containing all 3 areas of tips, action steps, and goals.

Thanks for becoming THE Wellness Leader in your town

Dr. Ben Lerner