How Diuretics CAUSE High Blood Pressure

Diuretics are a common treatment for the common finding of high blood pressure. Like any chemical treatment to manipulate the body that does not address the cause of the condition, it is replete with side-effects, failures, and dangers.
One extremely alarming concern is that diuretics cause the body to lose the minerals, potassium and magnesium. These are vital, life-preserving nutrients and low levels can leave you tired, weak, and emotional. The crazy part, however, is that low potassium and low magnesium can cause high blood pressure, the condition your were taking the drug for in the first place.
For high blood pressure, a great place to start is by taking magnesium. Low magnesium can create spasms of the microscopic muscles that surround blood vessels. As those muscles tighten, the pressure builds up in the blood vessels; creating high blood pressure. Therefore, if you were low in magnesium already and you take diuretics, you only serve to tighten the noose.
Studies show that the modern diet provides less than one-tenth of the magnesium necessary for human health (Nielsen). With the commonality of cardiovascular disease and symptoms like high blood pressure, supplementing this vital nutrient is key for becoming un-common. This is particularly true for those who drink coffee, tea, other caffeinated products, or the most aggressive – an actual diuretic drug.
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