by Dr. Ben Lerner
We are very excited about the programs we have coming out this year for chiropractors to attract new patients and provide further services for their existing ones. Of the programs, one will be the most cutting-edge DNA testing and care recommendations ever seen in wellness.
Most people and physicians still believe the outmoded theory that DNA is fixed and there’s nothing you can do about it. The truth is, however, your health is not based on some mere cosmic roll of the dice or some cruel or unfortunate genetic hand you may have been dealt. How our genes are expressed, are largely choices we get to make.

You might be asking, “Well if that’s true, then why do so many people blame genetics for disease or other health issues?”

This reason is the “gene myth.” According to the newest research, dead relatives are not responsible for your health! It may surprise you to know that the concept of “genes determine fate” has been disproved outside of an extremely small fraction of people.
The traditional field of genomics (the study of genes and their functions) has recently given rise to the more advanced science of “epigenetics.” Epi- means “above or beyond.” What you do, how you think, the way you behave, and the environment you live in are more powerful than the DNA with which you were born. How you live your life, the care you receive, your surroundings, and what you put in your body can turn off bad genes and turn on good ones—or vice versa.
It’s true of course that genes and the DNA they’re composed of are involved in carrying traits through generations. But genes alone are not responsible for the actual level of health you’ll experience. Your DNA may write out the code for possible cell behavior, but those possibilities are realized only if the gene is expressed. We all have genes that are expressed and lead to physical or mental traits. Other genes, however, may remain silent. The ones that stay dormant do not have the ability to affect your behavior, health, or wealth.
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