By Dr. Ben Lerner

Myth: You are what you eat.

  • Fact: You are the impact food has on your body, including how that food is metabolized.

Myth: If I eat fat, I will get fat.

  • Fact: This is no truer than saying “if I eat vegetables, I’ll become a vegetable. The right fats are actually the preferred fuel of the body and burns clean, without physiological harm.

Myth: Too much fat causes heart disease!

  • Fact: Categorically false! Fats actually have benefits and many fats, including saturated fats, have cardio-protective effects.

Myth: Cutting carbs = high protein

  • Fact: While your protein intake should be above low, standard survival guidelines, it shouldn’t be “high.”

Myth: “It’s my glands.”

  • Fact: Yes, your salivary glands! On the other hand, carb-based, low fat, bad fat diets do negatively impact hormones.

Myth: I get enough vitamins and minerals from my diet.

  • Fact: Getting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals needed to function almost always requires supplementation.

Myth: Carbohydrates are harmless energy, and as such, should be the staple of your diet. Whole grains, corn, and potatoes are healthy staples!

  • Fact: These “staples” raise blood sugar! In high quantities, they contribute to inflammation, obesity, bad cholesterol, and diabetes.

Myth: You Should exercise longer

  • Fact: You should exercise smarter—it requires less time.

Myth: If it grows in the ground, it’s healthy.

  • Fact: Broccoli does grow in the ground—but so do potatoes and wheat. Poison ivy and worms grow in the ground also—but you shouldn’t eat them.

Myth: Eat less!

  • Fact: You should eat more of the food that helps physiology. Eat what makes you healthy!
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