While it’s clear you need to supplement, where do you go when you’re getting hit by literally millions of good, bad, and snake oil pill, powder, and potion ads a day? In truth, if you want to get actual results and not just spend money, you need both quality products and a plan targeted to meet actual human needs.

It’s been said that vitamins give you expensive urine. While that’s categorically wrong in general, for millions of people it’s absolutely true. We tell many of our patients that they should just flush their entire cabinet full of cheap supplements down the toilet and cut out the middle man. In many cases, you’d be better off and far less toxic eating tiny rocks. The quality you need in a vitamin is no different than the quality you need in a steak or an apple. You wouldn’t (hopefully) eat a steak from a dog or cat or eat a rotten apple — just like you shouldn’t take just any supplement you find for $9 at a discount pharmacy or department store.