The most popular resource in your home and practice should be the Detox Pack. If we know anything in healthcare today, there’s mass concern related to the volatile, man-made compounds our bodies are taking in and absorbing every day in enormous quantities.  Our systems are not designed to metabolize these chemicals, they remain in the system, are stored in the cells, and as our toxin burden builds up and begins to spill over into symptoms and disease.

While you might not get cancer from one injection at your pediatrician’s office, one diet cola, one cigarette, one order of fast food, the new car smell, or one application of chemically-based skin lotion; you will ultimately experience a negative impact. These toxic materials can’t be effectively metabolized by your body. Therefore, these poisons build up in your system and create what is called a “toxic burden.”

This gradual buildup of toxins in your blood, cells, tissues, or organs can be undetectable for years until symptoms start to become obvious. Over time, the toxic burden becomes too great for the body to carry. Therefore, while they don’t cause disease or death today, they most certainly can tomorrow.

As toxins accumulate, they interfere with normal cell life and cause the cells in the body to react to the rising levels of unwelcome agents. As this occurs, symptoms and conditions linked to the toxicity arise and newer, mysterious illnesses show up such as:

Chronic fatigue syndrome
Rising infertility rates
Skin disorders
Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
Auto-immune disease
And Many More

These along with other examples of toxin-linked conditions which include asthma (which is ten times more prevalent in children now than at the beginning of the decade), sleeplessness, weight loss resistance, early onset of puberty, thyroid failure, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and of course, all kinds of cancers.

These toxins infiltrate the body on many levels, being stored not only outside the cells in the blood and tissues but also inside the cells. Where they store, accumulate, and over time; do their worst.

Here’s the core of the problem.

Your body can’t metabolize the bulk of these poisons. They bio-accumulate, and eventually, the toxic burden will become far too great for your detox pathways. Because these chemicals are incredibly prevalent in your daily life, you need to intentionally make sure you’re detoxifying them.

Detoxifying involves more than a colon cleanse. Toxins bind to the inside of cells and get stored outside the cells in fats and tissues. On top of that, they’re specifically eliminated by certain nutrients and detox pathways that will diminish and begin shutting down upon constant chemical bombardment.

A bombardment of toxins causes your body’s stores of glutathione to run down.  A process is commonly known as, “Glutathione wasting.”  As glutathione wasting occurs, you’re less and less capable of dealing with environmental toxins and your ability to remove toxins from your body’s cells declines.

Your body doesn’t generally absorb glutathione into your blood very effectively by just eating glutathione.  The best ways to increase levels in your body are through by eating foods that help generate it, supplements built from these foods, or by also supplementing glycine, glutamic acid, and cysteine—which are the building blocks of glutathione—so your body can manufacture its own.

Supplement Glutathione Precursors:

Cysteine, Glycine, Glutamine Cysteine, Glycine, and Glutamine are necessary for your body to produce glutathione. Supplements containing an adequate dose of these 3 nutrients, as in the Edison Detox Pack will give your body the opportunity to rebuild the glutathione lost naturally through exposure to toxins, aging, and health issues.

Cysteine also helps to protect the liver and brain from damage due to alcohol, drugs, and toxic compounds in cigarette smoke.
– Glycine also plays a key role in phase II liver detoxification by eliminating toxins.
Glutamine is important for carbohydrate metabolism, which helps aid in weight loss.  It also helps convert ammonia, which is dangerous to the brain, into urea in the liver.

Take Vitamin and Mineral Glutathione Co-factors

Supplementation with the following co-factors is key for producing and maintaining adequate levels glutathione and helping it work to fight free radicals and cleanse the body.  Therefore, the Edison Pack which contains the right type, form, and dose of these nutrients is a key part of detoxifying.

Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)
Milk Thistle

The Powerful Benefits of Milk Thistle (1-3)

– Powerful glutathione regenerator
– Reduces and reverses liver damage caused by medications, radiation, and alcohol
– Used to treat alcoholic cirrhosis and alcoholic hepatitis
– A potent antioxidant for the liver
– Chemoprotective

Milk Thistle is another key component of the Edison Detox Pack.

Have Fun Saving the World,
Dr. Ben Lerner

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