Kill The Free Radicals
 by Dr. Ben Lerner 

Free-radical-scavengers, also called “anti-oxidants,” guard your cells from damage from these scavengers. Getting them in your diet is difficult and due to the constant bombardment of free-radicals, you use them up. Therefore, they likely require supplementation. 
One really important antioxidant is CoenzyMe Q10 (CoQ10): a naturally occurring enzyme in the body, CoQ10 is the catalyst of all cellular energy in the body. As cancer cells are developing, CoQ10 initiates apoptosis (self-destruction) of the cancer cells. CoQ10 is one of the most powerful antioxidants and protects the cells from damage by oxygen and stimulates immune function. It has been shown that cancer patients lack this vital enzyme in their blood.
CoQ10 has been proven to inhibit oxidation, stimulate the immune system, and induce tumor remission. Deficiencies in CoQ10 have been documented in cancer patients. The ideal form is known as ubiquinol, which is a reduced form of CoQ10. Ubiquinol has electrons to donate, enabling it to feed destructive free radicals hungry for them , as well as to slip through the cell membranes with greater ease (which also requires the donation of electrons).
CoQ10 has become a popularly known nutrient as cholesterol medications deplete the body’s levels of this critical nutrient which can lead to death.
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