Look First to Magnesium

Many of the world’s leading natural health care and even medical physicians look at Magnesium levels as a necessary initial step to assessing someone’s health.  There are 3 very good reasons for this:

  1. Magnesium deficiency is a root cause of cardiovascular disease. In fact, severe deficiency can cause quick cardiovascular death.
  2. Magnesium deficiency symptoms like frequent urination, thirst, dry skin, visual disturbance, fatigue, infection, and numbness in the extremities are the same as diabetes. Causing many to consider a lack of magnesium as a key cause to one of the world’s leading diseases.
  3. Finally, magnesium is necessary for the nerves to fire. With the nervous system being in total control of all function and healing in the human body, this can be a real problem.

   Magnesium is part of the processing continuum related to ATP, the unit of energy in the cells of the body.  Hundreds of key enzymes rely on magnesium in order to work so your body can perform its normal daily tasks.  Taking magnesium supplements allows for better function of the cells, nervous system, and provides the cardiovascular system with the right balance of electrolytes necessary to maintain hydration and function.  Again, many practitioners will start any patient suffering from virtually any condition with a focus on getting their magnesium levels up.