The most significant diseases we face today are for the most part, self perpetuated. In other words, if we get sick, chances are it was our own fault.
Places like the American Heart Association, The Texas University Cancer Prevention Institute, the National Institute of Health, and The Center for Disease Control are finding that the only effective treatment for prevention or recovery heart disease, cancer, and diabetes is lifestyle. As much as 85% of these conditions can be prevented through properly caring for your body. Prevention is always the best cure.
Establishing health can seem complicated, but it’s really quite simple. A patient of mine, once had an article written about him entitled “100 Isn’t Even A Speed Bump.” To know him is to know that he’s 100 and going strong. He credits avoiding medication, eating several healthy meals a day (taking careful consideration of what he eats), seeing the chiropractor regularly, riding his bike every day, and working in the yard. That is living your life the way God intended, which always equals reaching your potential. (Science and the Bible both point to the fact that life expectancy is 120 years)
Over the past several years science has accumulated a wealth of data about turning your life and health around. What has been proven is that the body has an amazing, God-given capacity to heal itself. “At any time you decide to improve your behavior and make lifestyle changes, they make a difference from that point on. Dr. Jeffery Koplan, director for Centers for Disease Control (CDC). “Maybe not right away. It’s like slamming on the brakes. You do need a certain skid distance.”
Research on exercise shows that it creates a minimum of an additional 50% boost in your immune systems chance of preventing cancer and causes improved function in all metabolic activities. On the contrary, avoiding thoughtful movement can produce the opposite effect; poorer function and decreased immunity.
All disease and symptoms are related to poor body function, physiological imbalance, and lowered immunity. On the contrary, exercise improves body function, helps to balance metabolic activity, and significantly boosts immunity. Unfortunately, for many, exercise is more of an annual event. At last check, only 1 out of every 4 Americans were found to exercise regularly enough to improve or even maintain their current level of health.
We all have a need to address the foundational causes of health problems: subluxation, inflammation, oxidation, toxicity, sedentary lifestyle, and stress to give ourselves the best chance at health. They’re also all interconnected. Exercise actually helps you overcome or minimize the risks of all of these causes.
Want to live a long life? – keep moving! It’s hard to hit a moving target.
By Dr. Ben Lerner
2X New York Times Best-Selling author and former Olympic Team Chiropractor, nutritionist, and strength and conditioning trainer.
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