THINK AGAIN! by Dr. Ben Lerner
A report by the Kaiser Foundation and the American Cancer Society reveals that people, even those with insurance, have huge medical debts, personal bankruptcy, and are delaying or forgoing treatment for cancer.
Most people feel safe because they have insurance. If they get sick, they assume they’re covered. A concern with this model is that because they believe that medicine is the answer and because they’re covered it’s also “Free,” millions ignore disease as it develops silently below the surface only looking into it once there’s a symptom or disease diagnosis. The fact is, the financial coverage isn’t there.
The vast majority of insurances have caps on benefits and lifetime maximums that leave cancer and all chronically ill patients vulnerable to huge out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, the report showed. Patients profiled in the report had more than $100,000 in medical bills, despite having an insurance policy throughout treatment.
What’s worse is that newer, more costly treatments are expected to increase the cost of cancer treatment further. “Cancer patients too often find out that their insurance doesn’t protect them when they need care the most,” said John R. Seffrin, PhD, national chief executive officer of the American Cancer Society, in a statement.
The only solution remains obvious; build health so you do not have to fight disease. Seemingly endless studies point to optimizing health through natural means, raising blood levels of key nutrients, a clean diet, fitness, and minimizing toxicity levels have a dramatic effect on reducing the risk of cancer and other chronic, costly disease.
A WELL-ALIGNED SOLUTION: Rather than health insurance – use health assurance.
At Well Aligned we detect and correct the major underlying causes of disease. By testing for subluxation, inflammation, Vitamin D, Food Allergies, and peering inside the cell to look at the genes, we discover illness before it’s hatched and provide the pathway for getting well and staying well.
Consider making a long-term investment in your health to prevent more costly treatments down the road! As Benjamin Franklin once said “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
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By Dr. Ben Lerner 2X New York Times Best-Selling author and former Olympic Team Chiropractor, nutritionist, and strength and conditioning trainer.