Better Than Drugs

ACE Inhibitors are a common treatment for heart disease and high blood pressure. However, when you examine the effects of these drugs, there is cause for concern. ACE Inhibitors slow down the production of certain enzymes that your body makes naturally to survive, in order to artificially stop the production of other body chemicals related to blood vessel size. With all of that blocking and inhibiting, there are a host of deadly side-effects.

Studies show that correcting Vitamin D levels enables your body to accomplish the same thing as an ACE inhibitor. But instead of negative side-effects, you get better health and immunity. Healthy Vitamin D levels help to prevent diabetes, depression, infections, auto-immune disease, osteoporosis, leg weakness, and cancer. In fact, having low or even “normal” vitamin D levels can double your risk of heart disease. Your chance of dying from any heart disease or any other seemingly unrelated disease is closely tied to your vitamin D levels (Dobnig).

Dobnig H, et al, independent association of low serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D and 1, 25-dihyddroxyvitamin D levels with all-cause and cardiovascular mortality, Arch Intern Med, 168; 12:1340-9, 2008

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