The Fat Burning Vitamin

As if studies showing that healthy Vitamin D levels protect against diabetes, heart disease, and cancer were not enough; new studies show that Vitamin D also impacts body fat.

When it comes to weight and body fat levels; where the body fat is stored is also very important.  New research on Vitamin D shows that with lower levels, there is more belly fat and a larger waistline.  Fat stored around the mid-section is more highly linked to an association with coronary artery disease than fat stored somewhere else.  Meaning once again, appropriate Vitamin D levels are critical to human health and longevity.  Lower amounts in your system can not only cause you to acquire more fat, but cause that fat to be stored in the worst areas possible.

Vitamin D is really a hormone or secosteroid and produced when your skin is exposed to sunlight.  It is involved in numerous biological activities and plays a major role in bone health, respiration, cardiovascular function, and immunity.   There is an epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency in the North America today, which has become a serious medical issue.  Because its not available in large quantities in any food, and life is lived mostly in-doors, it is necessary to supplement.  Vitamin D levels are not very easy to increase in your body, so supplement regularly.

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