One of the many reasons for over-the-counter and prescription drug side-effects and linked to many drug reaction deaths is the fact that virtually all medications cause nutrient deficiencies. In fact, some drugs completely block or poison the body’s ability to absorb certain nutrients altogether. 

   Deficiency is where someone has a below normal amount of certain nutrients to meet their needs.  Deficiencies can lead to any sort of condition, symptom, or disease over time. When you begin to actually block absorption you get beyond deficiency into insufficiency. Drugs can cause someone to have an insufficient enough amount to die like when they found people having heart attacks due to CoQ10 insufficiency caused by statins like Lipitor.

     There’s now a great resource to use with your patients and add even more value to the consultations and provide greater insight as a practitioner at This is a free platform that will tell you what nutrients your people need to be concerned about based on the medication or medications they are taking. 

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Dr. Ben