We’re very thankful for the growing group of health care leaders participating in Well Aligned. Every day is another testimony of either a patient’s life that has been transformed, a serious cause of a problem uncovered, or a doctor who’s practice has experienced a new level of success.   Together, we are testing 1000s of people and have continued to create whatever resources are necessary to create high quality patient care and effective, reproducible clinical processes. It is still my goal to meet with each of you every month to support you. I’ve had my first meeting with approximately 50% of Well Aligned doctors so far and looking forward to connecting with the rest of you as well.   Please see the document titled “Food Panel Protocols” which include and explanation of the 5 concepts. This document can be found under the “Global Health” section of the training portal.

Also, if you have not scheduled your initial call please reach out to my assistant at: tori.piontkowsky@gmail.com or use my calendly at calendly.com/wellaligned.

Have fun saving the world,

Dr. Ben Lerner