Which test? DNA, Foods, or inflammation?

The simple answer, of course, is all of them.   Seriously, from which indicator of your present health and future well-being do you not want to remain ignorant?  Yet, all tests are not practical for everyone and you may still be working on your ability to create an understanding of the urgency of the need, so here are points to consider to determine where to start.

1. DNA:

A. Many experts start with DNA.  It gives you a complete revelation to the most serious diseases and health traits to consider now and in the future, a lifestyle roadmap, and a compelling reason to comply.

B. Some experts will do the other biomarkers first and if the findings are extreme or the biomarkers have not improved, then they do DNA second to find out where the coding issues are that are causing the problems.

2. Inflammation & Vitamin D. The information here is stellar.  Chronic inflammation over-burdens the body and is foundational to all chronic and deadly disease.  High CRP exponentially multiplies your risk of heart disease, stroke, and the triggers or turns on the worst of our genetics. Additionally, D is associated with the function of more than 900 genes and levels are epidemically low in our society.  Low D also radically raises the risk of heart disease, cancer, depression, auto-immune disease and is foundational to many immune related symptoms and illnesses.

Additionally, this test is very economic so considered a good entry point into your Well Aligned business within your business.

3. Food sensitivities. Some would argue that you’d start here since multiple IgG related foods will cause a constant burden on the immune system, participate in leaky gut, and therefore be a cause to problems patients will have with inflammation, D absorption, and turning on bad genes.  This again is extremely valuable and incredible information to have.

It’s a little more expensive, making it a more challenging entry way.  Therefore, doctors often find that once you’ve discovered DNA or inflammatory issues, there’s major leverage present to get food sensitivities done.  If inflammation is high, Vit D is low, or your have several variants present related to nutrition, digestion, methylation, and detoxification – you need to test food sensitivities.  Otherwise, even what appears a normal diet can be creating problems or totally de-railing your wellness.

Care Planning Advice:

With reports, initially, they’re just told of the variants, biomarkers, and inherent dangers in a short meeting.  From there, they’d be given a care plan; The protocols with cost.

The first appointment would be a longer consultation with length and cost as stated in the care plan.

The products can be dropped shipped right to their house using their payment information so that there’s no inventory and set to happen monthly through either the end of their plan or re-testing, whichever is applicable.

What’s a Lamborghini Plan?

For a new patient, it’s presenting both plans

1.    A chiro plan

2.    A WA plan

The sum of which is the “Lamborghini Plan”


1. If you don’t have a Lamborghini plan, you’ll never sell one (Formerly Cadillac, but no longer the highest end car)

2. By contrast, people will see the lower plan as cheap or affordable more than if they saw it on its own.  Thus, helping            sell your base plan or in this case; chiropractic only.

3. Also taught in 3 tiers  – as people tend to take the middle.

4. Base to get you past your troubles, but leave you with the problem.

5. Correct the issue

6. Optimum health and wellness (Lamborghini)

For existing (or new) patients, you can similarly offer a higher level plan that you’d most recommend vs. a base plan.  Ie: a plan for someone who’s just tested one area such as the Inflammation Protocol vs. a plan to do multiple tests and multiple protocols.

Thanks for becoming THE Wellness Leader in your town

Dr. Ben Lerner