You have an enzyme super system called “cytochrome 450” (Cyt-450) that exists primarily in the liver. A major component of the job of these enzymes is detoxification. You can look at Cyt-450 as having two major roles in detox:

1. Detox all foreign matter (xenobiotics) entering into the system from outside of the body.
2. Effective decontamination of the toxins of metabolism from inside the body.

Here’s today’s crisis: There are too many toxins and only so much Cyt-450 can manage.  This creates a  competition or a line that forms due to the inability for Cyt-450 to keep up with the overwhelming number of toxins people are exposed to both internally and externally.  The result is the extreme danger of toxins building up in the system.
I first heard about this liver enzyme system and the problem of toxin assimilation in reference to anti-depressants.  All drugs have a sustained wash out period due to this detoxification line-up that forms at the liver.  The tragic end are people who end up with serious side-effects, painful withdrawal issues, and deadly drug interactions as the drugs build up in the system and new drugs are added.
It has been determined that the majority of symptoms, health problems, and serious disease, especially cancer, is caused by a toxic environment outside the body that cannot be managed by the detoxification systems inside the body. The bottom line is yes, your body does need help.
It’s inescapable. Toxicity is around you all day, every day in the air, in the water, in cars, buses, and airplanes, the pesticides your neighbors use on their lawn, cleaning solutions, shampoo, sunscreen, carpets, furniture, blankets, towels, skincare products, toothpaste, and on and on?

Thankfully, we have a solution.  It’s called the Detox Pack.

Have Fun Saving The World
Dr. Ben Lerner