Well Aligned Weekly Newsletter12/10/19
Exciting New Resources…

Dear Well Aligned Leader,

  Our goal is to continually make it easier for you to implement and manage Well Aligned in your clinic to grow and save more lives. As we go through this individually in clinics and as advancing as a group, we are continually creating newer and better tools to make being the leading wellness doctor in your area and around the world super easy. We’ve created next level Well Aligned forms to make being a wellness
practitioner simple to deliver by doctors and easily understood by patients.

 The forms include:
1. A list of all programs and tests.
2. Product/Price/Description Sheet: A list of all products, wholesale vs retail costs, and with which programs the products go.
3. The Initial Testing and Care recommendations: This recommendation goes along with a patient’s initial chiropractic care plan. It lets the patient know what initial testing is required, any initial products they need, and costs to a follow-up consultation.
4. Report of Findings document: A document to fill in patient results from all tests available. 
5. Two Well Aligned Care Plan Documents. One with itemized costs and one without costs. These are the actual wellness or functional medicine protocols for the patients.

Dr. Ben Lerner
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Upcoming Training Webinar… 

Don’t forget! Our next webinar is scheduled for 12/17. It is highly recommended that all Well Aligned members & even their involved staff attend this webinar that will address the entire Well Aligned Program. More specifically, the many changes, products, services, and programs. This will be a complete guide to help you establish this customized program to assist each individual and provide guided steps to become enormously successful.  This will be the only webinar we host this month, therefore, the following webinar will welcome the new year & be held on 1/7/20.
DNA Beta Test…
 Quick update! Our DNA Beta test group has been finalized & all tests will be mailed out by the end of next week. We look forward to receiving feedback from all the doctors included in the beta group to make any necessary adjustments to the user experience before the test’s official launch in 2020. If you were interested in joining the beta group but missed the deadline, please feel free to reach out to me directly by replying to this email.
Live Training Opportunities… Our next training session will be held at the AMC Bootcamp in Atlanta on January 23rd – 26th. However, the Well Aligned training session will be held that Thursday, the 23rd & will take place between 1:30 – 6 pm. The first hour or so, we will review the basics of the Well Aligned program. The rest of the evening we will be discussing the new DNA program & protocols. Keep in mind, there will be plenty of time for 1 on 1 questions that you may have, so attendance is highly recommended. These pieces of training are a great opportunity to receive valuable help & guidance from the Well Aligned team (Dr. Ben Lerner, John McGuire, & myself). 
CCC Event…
We are partnering with Christ Centered Chiropractic, Dr. Ben Lerner, and Dr. Rob Schiffman to host the next CCC Summit!  Be sure to mark your calendars for March 6, 2020, more details coming soon.

To join the CCC Movement, visit 👇www.christcenteredchiropractic.com/instant-motivation
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