The Weeks Important announcements:
Please review the material below to learn about our new req forms, the most important webinar to date, our new & improved VD3K product & the improvements coming to our food panels as well as our Gut Health test. 
New Test Requisition Forms..
  Please note that we have created all new Test Requisition Forms. If you have any test kits with the original requisition forms in them, we ask that you replace them with the new forms using the button below. The purpose of the new forms is to improve the user experience & cut down on errors/missing information that we see from time to time. Please let me know if you have any additional questions regarding the new forms. 
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 Webinar Announcement…
Our next webinar is scheduled for 12/17. It is highly recommended that all Well Aligned members & even their involved staff attend this webinar that will address the entire Well Aligned Program. More specifically, the many changes, products, services, and programs. This will be a complete guide to help you establish this customized program to assist each individual and provide guided steps to become enormously successful.    This will be the only webinar we host this month, therefore, the following webinar will welcome the new year & be held on 1/7/20. To register for all of our training webinars please use the button below.
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 Our Vitamin D is back & better than before; Introducing VD3K…
Why did we add the K?
  Of the many critical functions of vitamin D, one vital function is to promote the absorption of calcium and maintain adequate calcium levels in your blood.  Deficiency can cause bone loss and related degenerative issues.   Vitamin D works with Vitamin K, which is needed for blood clotting and promotes the accumulation of calcium in your bones and teeth.   Vitamin D ensures that your blood calcium is at a high enough level to meet your body’s needs. However, vitamin D does not fully control where the calcium in your body is absorbed. That is where the balance with vitamin K is required.   The intention was always to utilize the Edison Pack in every patient plan so that the co-nutrients, particularly Vitamin K, necessary for the proper regulation of calcium was being taken along with the Vitamin D. Now, the combination of these two products offers a level of supplementation that is unmatched at this price point & effectiveness.    Vitamin K promotes calcification of bone and reduces calcification in soft tissues.  There is a concern that Vit D without the K can lead to calcification in unwanted areas in the body. 

We have researched and worked with our biochemists to discover the most important elements of Vitamin K-2 to create the ideal blend for the new D3K…

  Our K-2 Blend includes both MK-7 and MK-4.  MK-7 is a form of vitamin K2 that has the greatest bioavailability and found in nutrients such as fermented foods.  Studies show that MK-7 decreases CRP, EST, DAS28-ESR, and MMP-3, thus extremely helpful in managing the health of bone and joint tissues. Additionally, we have MK-4 also proven to be clinically effective. 
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Coming changes to our food panels..  There will be an increase in the number of foods tested within both the Basic & the Comprehensive Food & Inhalants tests. Attached in the link below, you’ll find the new list of ingredients that will be included in the panels. You’ll notice an additional 64 foods being added to our Comprehensive panel that is highlighted in red. As well as, the addition of Candida to both our Basic & Comprehensive food tests. Furthermore, notice the addition of Rabbit to our 96 Basic Food panel, which is highlighted in blue.
  The changes mentioned to the two panels are not expected to have much of an impact on our pricing, however, these details will be announced sometime in the next week or two when the changes are finalized. 
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New Gut Health Panel… 

Leaky Gut – Many Ways to a Common Problem:

There are many ways that patients arrive at substantial digestive issues and/or the condition we call “Leaky Gut”. This condition is believed by many experts to be foundational to a mass of physical and emotional health problems and responsible for the scourge of many modern illnesses.

Core Elements of Leaky Gut
Unhealthy, inflamed stomach and intestinal lining imbalance of the biome (Balance of microbes)The GI tract becomes hyper permeable to foods and other immune triggering foreign proteins;   AKA – Leaky Gut Syndrome. As the GI ecology gets worse; inflammation in the gut and overgrowth of dysbiotic bacteria, fungus (Like Candida), and yeast increases while the balance of healthy microbes decreases. In this state, there is a greater and greater chance of food allergies and more total toxin absorption in the GI Tract. These toxins include environmental pollutants that are hormone disruptors (act like hormones) in the body; that further worsen or initiate the Leaky Gut.  With the complex nature as to the presence and causes of the gut and that it is likely the most important program and area to evaluate, we are aggressively expanding our testing. At no additional cost, Candida will be added to both of the Food Sensitivity panels along with an additional 64 foods being added to our comprehensive food panel. (mentioned above)In addition to fungus, we’ll now be testing for bacteria and yeast. This same test will look for toxins as they are a major component of gut degeneration, digestive disorders, and the many related issues. Additionally, we will now offer the most direct and comprehensive way to assess the gut which is stool testing.  Please note, these changes are a couple of weeks out. We just wanted to keep you in the loop regarding all coming changes to our program. 
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DNA Beta Testing  

Don’t forget, the ability to order our Beta DNA Tests ends this week. Please use the button below to place your order & remember, the code to access the DNA tests is simply “DNA”. There will never be another chance to take advantage of such an advanced diagnostic test for only $100. 
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   In conclusion, there are a lot of amazing changes & additions coming to the Well Aligned Program. As we make these adjustments, our number one focus continues to be serving you & your patients to the best of our ability. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions &/or feedback you have regarding our program. After all, that is what allows us to continue improving.  

– The Well Aligned Team