Shawn Blackwell

Are you a quality person?

Having friends from Detroit, I know you can be beaten for buying a foreign car. “You live in America, you buy an American car” one friend of mine used to shout! When I went to purchase my first car, I told my financial planner I wanted to buy an American car. He said, “If you …

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Getting to the Roots of Stress

Public speaking can cause an amazing amount of negative stress for most people. It scares a lot of people half to death – literally. Then again, public speaking cannot be considered bad stress in and of itself, because while some people are afraid of public speaking and will suffer miserably throughout the entire experience, many …

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In 1994 when I taught my first class in Anatomy and Physiology at a local college, I was shocked to find that the largest chapter in the 4 inch thick text book was on stress. The fact is, stress is not just a term or a state of mind, it is incredibly damaging to your …

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The Fat Burning Department.

by Dr. Ben LernerWhen fat is broken down and “burned” in your body, it’s done so through the process of lipolysis and beta-oxidation. These reactions occur in what might be considered your body’s “fat-burning department,” the mitochondria. Because they burn your body’s best source of fuel, the mitochondria are the energy warehouses of the cells.The …

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Overrated, Misunderstood Sugar

by Dr. Ben LernerWhen it comes to the world of fitness, sugar may be the most overrated substance there is. Even in the presence of exercise, the basic rules of food and understanding its impact on your physiology still apply.You’d be surprised how pervasive these nutritional misunderstandings are. In preparation for the 2012 Olympics, we …

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Overcoming Your Genetics

by Dr. Ben LernerPeople have been taught to fear their genes – to the point of removing body parts based on certain genotypes. Yet lifestyle and environment play a far greater role, in terms of a percentage, of influence than your great-grandparents ever will.Overall, this is a more accurate statement: because you likely perceive the …

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