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The Fat Burning Vitamin

The Fat Burning Vitamin As if studies showing that healthy Vitamin D levels protect against diabetes, heart disease, and cancer were not enough; new studies show that Vitamin D also impacts body fat. When it comes to weight and body fat levels; where the body fat is stored is also very important.  New research on […]

Vitamin E – Nature’s Wonder Drug

Vitamin E – Nature’s Wonder Drug IF VITAMIN E COULD BE PATENTED, IT WOULD BE THE CARDIOVASCULAR WONDER DRUG OF THE CENTURY – AND YOU’D NEED REALLY GOOD INSURANCE TO AFFORD IT. Too few people realize that Vitamin E is a master antioxidant and the body’s most potent fat-soluble vitamin in the fight against disease-causing […]

Why So Many Side Effects?

Why So Many Side Effects? If you watch a drug commercial, what stands out is the end – when they state the long list of terrifying side-effects.  What we know now is that many of these ill-effects come from the fact that medications can cause intense nutrient deficiencies. For example, nearly every prescription medication and […]

A Balanced Diet isn’t Enough

A Balanced Diet isn’t Enough Food balance is a challenging trick in today’s culture of extremes.   Paleo fanatics limiting their fruits, grains, and vegetables confront one challenge of potential nutrient deficiencies while those who take a vegetarian approach, face opposing, different concerns. For example, a largely vegetarian diet can lead to deficiencies in Vitamin B12 […]


Look First to Magnesium Many of the world’s leading natural health care and even medical physicians look at Magnesium levels as a necessary initial step to assessing someone’s health.  There are 3 very good reasons for this: Magnesium deficiency is a root cause of cardiovascular disease. In fact, severe deficiency can cause quick cardiovascular death. […]

Blood pressure drugs can cause nutrient depletion

Diuretics cause the body to lose the minerals, potassium and magnesium.  Potassium and magnesium are both essential for normal heart function, so the drugs many people take for high blood pressure they believe are saving their life will quite literally be putting their lives at risk.  Additionally, low potassium or magnesium can be the actual […]

Choosing the right supplement

Bioavailability refers to a nutrient’s ability to be both absorbed and utilized by your body. When you look at a food label, while there are many nutrients listed, only a fraction of them can really be absorbed by the body. The nutrients that are of poor quality and not bio-available simply pass right through the […]

How to make the right choice of supplement

While it’s clear you need to supplement, where do you go when you’re getting hit by literally millions of good, bad, and snake oil pill, powder, and potion ads a day? In truth, if you want to get actual results and not just spend money, you need both quality products and a plan targeted to […]

Is your gut robbing you of nutrients?

You are not what you eat, but you are what you absorb? Due to modern living, a mass preponderance of people now experience some form of digestive imbalance, like heartburn, bloating, diarrhea or constipation. Resultantly, even if you’re taking in the nutrients, you may not actually be absorbing them. This leaves us not only as […]