The Complete Immune Program,Vitalleo

The Complete Immune Program Training Videos: Part One: Creating Urgency  Part Two: Proactive Healthcare      The Science of Immunity and Utilizing Antibody Testing in Your Office  PowerPoint Presentations For Consultations:  Immune PowerPoint for Initial Visit First Video Consultation PowerPoint Test Follow Up PowerPoint   Antibody Testing:   Governments and academic laboratories have developed blood tests […]

Educating Your Community 3/24/2020, COVID, Immunity, Vitamin D

Create, Educate, & Offer a Solution..  Fortunately, we’re all aware of the important role Vitamin D plays in our bodys overall well being. However, the most important responsibility we have as Wellness leaders is to constantly educate our communities. One of the best ways you are able to do so is by flooding your social […]

Well Aligned Case Study: Addressing the Heart Health Test Report

Due to the format that this post must follow, please click on the link below to access the Test Report that goes with the Corrective Measures mentioned below… Test Result: Click Here..Corrective Measures: 1. Lower Carb – Follow the Cardiac Dietary Protocol.2. Gluco Pro – 2 pills 1 to 2 times a day (depending on the patient’scompliance with […]

10X Your Chance to Prevent or Overcome Heart Disease By Dr. Ben Lerner

Two large-scale clinical studies from Northwestern University School of Medicine actually confirmed that the most important facets of healthcare, such as the no. 1 killer cardiovascular disease, have far more to do with lifestyle than genetics. The first study evaluated five lifestyle factors: smoking, weight, exercise, diet, and alcohol consumption. More than 2,000 people were […]

What If My Tests Come Back The Same Or Worse? Dr.Lerner

  My first experience with testing came when several people close to me were really struggling with their health.  They were all chiropractors in their 30s with chronic, debilitating symptoms.  One was my wife Dr. Sheri.  We had small children, but on any given day she’d be muscling through being a wife, mother, and doctor […]

Omega-3 and Depression: What Do Studies Say?

Omega-3 positively impacts multiple key areas of the brain including the hippocampus, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, the prefrontal cortex (PFC), and the striatum. Studies on Mental Health & Omega-3s    Mental health disorders are growing parabolically.  This is of major national concern in regards to public safety.  One clear connection is modern food processing.  Where […]

Cardiometabolic Protocols

Protocols For Improving Lipids, Inflammation, & HA1C The following cholesterol managing guidelines provide the dietary steps for managing inflammation and HA1C as well.  Inflammation and glucose are primarily issues of an excess energy intake, too many carbs.  Additionally, bad fats, a high Omega 6:3 ratio, and processed foods negatively impact lipids, CRP, and glucose levels.  […]