10X Your Chance to Prevent or Overcome Heart Disease By Dr. Ben Lerner

Two large-scale clinical studies from Northwestern University School of Medicine actually confirmed that the most important facets of healthcare, such as the no. 1 killer cardiovascular disease, have far more to do with lifestyle than genetics. The first study evaluated five lifestyle factors: smoking, weight, exercise, diet, and alcohol consumption. More than 2,000 people were […]

The DNA Patient Processes,Food,Diet,Vitamin D CRP, Detox, Dr. Lerner

“You may be defined, but you’re not confined by your genetics – you have the final say in who, what, and how healthy you are!” – Dr. Ben    When gene testing first began, people did not want to see it.  It could be like looking into the future and finding out really bad news.  […]

Which Tests Do I Take First? Plus Help with Care Plans?

Which test? DNA, Foods, or inflammation? The simple answer, of course, is all of them.   Seriously, from which indicator of your present health and future well-being do you not want to remain ignorant?  Yet, all tests are not practical for everyone and you may still be working on your ability to create an understanding of the urgency […]


Alzheimer’s medications are completely impudent as a means of reversing, stopping, or even slowing down the disease. To me, it’s the cruelest and most merciless of all diseases. Those with the condition lost the ability to have thoughts, no longer possess memories of family and life’s experiences, the chance to live independently goes away, and […]