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Methylation Part II,Dr.Lerner

The 2 pathways for methylation & how to support them….     Healthy methylation is considered by many to be at the absolute core of how health is expressed.  Considering it protects you down to preserving your genetic code and the function of your neurons, it’s clearly key that it goes well. Methylation is the addition …

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Methylation Part 1,Dr.Lerner

Methylation Is A Health or Disease Lynchpin    A lynchpin is a vitally important, essential element to hold all of the parts together for any product, production, person, or machine. Methylation is involved in just about every component of your body’s metabolism. It’s not only influenced by genes, but it is also involved in protecting …

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DNA is not destiny.

by Dr. Ben LernerWe are very excited about the programs we have coming out this year for chiropractors to attract new patients and provide further services for their existing ones. Of the programs, one will be the most cutting-edge DNA testing and care recommendations ever seen in wellness.Most people and physicians still believe the outmoded …

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Dr. Ben Lerner: Wine, Tea & Your Health

Wine, Tea & Your Health by Dr. Ben Lerner reSveraTrol: Resveratrol is found in grapes, peanuts and plants, such as Japanese knotweed. One of its most documented properties is as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are responsible for putting out of commission the inflammatory, cell-damaging and ultimately DNA-damaging effects of excessive free radicals, which are molecules, atoms or ions that …

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