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“You may be defined, but you’re not confined by your genetics – you have the final say in who, what, and how healthy you are!” – Dr. Ben    When gene testing first began, people did not want to see it.  It could be like looking into the future and finding out really bad news.  […]

The Leaky Gut (& Heart Health) Program

The Candida Protocol     If you have gut issues, all other attempts to heal are off.  As you would have seen in recent years, science has pointed to the fact that the gut plays a key role in the responsibility for the brain, mental, and emotional health and the function of the immune system.  The […]

Whole Food Mediterranean Style Diet

Principles In Order Of Priority & Volume Dear WA Wellness Leader, The majority of the DNA results point towards the Whole Food Mediterranean Diet.  There are ultimately 3 versions that can go with the DNA: Basic, Modified, and Down-regulated animal products.   Modified – refers to carb reduction – ADRB2 79>G, SLC2A2, particularly in concert […]

The Most Common Food Sensitivities

Why so important?    Any biomarker in the body is set aflame by inflammation.  If you run a cardiometabolic panel, as an example, the biggest danger to any high or imbalanced marker would be the presence of inflammation.     Acute inflammation is a normal, necessary immune and healing process in order to respond to bodily […]

The Fat Burning Department.

by Dr. Ben LernerWhen fat is broken down and “burned” in your body, it’s done so through the process of lipolysis and beta-oxidation. These reactions occur in what might be considered your body’s “fat-burning department,” the mitochondria. Because they burn your body’s best source of fuel, the mitochondria are the energy warehouses of the cells.The […]

All About The Gut

by Dr. Ben LernerThe human digestive system is a super-complex mechanism that impacts both health and disease in a multitude of ways. Also known as the “2nd brain,” the gut impacts emotional and mental health along with influencing the function of critical metabolic pathways.What is also interesting to note is the need for nutrients for […]

What is “Leaky Gut” Syndrome?

by Dr. Ben Lerner“Leaky gut syndrome (also called increased intestinal permeability), is the result of damage to the intestinal lining, making it less able to protect the internal environment as well as to filter needed nutrients and other biological substances. As a consequence, some bacteria and their toxins (incompletely digested proteins, fats, and waste) which […]

Food Myths vs. Food Facts

By Dr. Ben Lerner Myth: You are what you eat. Fact: You are the impact food has on your body, including how that food is metabolized. Myth: If I eat fat, I will get fat. Fact: This is no truer than saying “if I eat vegetables, I’ll become a vegetable. The right fats are actually […]

Keto 101: Burn Fat, Not Sugar

Keto 101: Burn Fat, Not Sugar To stop carbs from killing you, you can become a fat burner instead of a sugar burner. You may be thinking, “I thought you needed sugar for energy?” That’s not entirely true. First, the body can synthesize its own glucose (a form of sugar) when needed. Second, by becoming […]