Well Aligned Case Study: Addressing the Heart Health Test Report

Due to the format that this post must follow, please click on the link below to access the Test Report that goes with the Corrective Measures mentioned below… Test Result: Click Here..Corrective Measures: 1. Lower Carb – Follow the Cardiac Dietary Protocol.2. Gluco Pro – 2 pills 1 to 2 times a day (depending on the patient’scompliance with […]

10X Your Chance to Prevent or Overcome Heart Disease By Dr. Ben Lerner

Two large-scale clinical studies from Northwestern University School of Medicine actually confirmed that the most important facets of healthcare, such as the no. 1 killer cardiovascular disease, have far more to do with lifestyle than genetics. The first study evaluated five lifestyle factors: smoking, weight, exercise, diet, and alcohol consumption. More than 2,000 people were […]

The Leaky Gut (& Heart Health) Program

The Candida Protocol     If you have gut issues, all other attempts to heal are off.  As you would have seen in recent years, science has pointed to the fact that the gut plays a key role in the responsibility for the brain, mental, and emotional health and the function of the immune system.  The […]

Cardiometabolic Protocols

Protocols For Improving Lipids, Inflammation, & HA1C The following cholesterol managing guidelines provide the dietary steps for managing inflammation and HA1C as well.  Inflammation and glucose are primarily issues of an excess energy intake, too many carbs.  Additionally, bad fats, a high Omega 6:3 ratio, and processed foods negatively impact lipids, CRP, and glucose levels.  […]


Alzheimer’s medications are completely impudent as a means of reversing, stopping, or even slowing down the disease. To me, it’s the cruelest and most merciless of all diseases. Those with the condition lost the ability to have thoughts, no longer possess memories of family and life’s experiences, the chance to live independently goes away, and […]