The Complete Immune Program,Vitalleo

The Complete Immune Program Training Videos: Part One: Creating Urgency  Part Two: Proactive Healthcare      The Science of Immunity and Utilizing Antibody Testing in Your Office  PowerPoint Presentations For Consultations:  Immune PowerPoint for Initial Visit First Video Consultation PowerPoint Test Follow Up PowerPoint   Antibody Testing:   Governments and academic laboratories have developed blood tests […]

Educating Your Community 3/24/2020, COVID, Immunity, Vitamin D

Create, Educate, & Offer a Solution..  Fortunately, we’re all aware of the important role Vitamin D plays in our bodys overall well being. However, the most important responsibility we have as Wellness leaders is to constantly educate our communities. One of the best ways you are able to do so is by flooding your social […]

The Best Way to Treat Disease? Run From It!

The most significant diseases we face today are for the most part, self perpetuated. In other words, if we get sick, chances are it was our own fault.Places like the American Heart Association, The Texas University Cancer Prevention Institute, the National Institute of Health, and The Center for Disease Control are finding that the only […]