Omega-3 and Depression: What Do Studies Say?

Omega-3 positively impacts multiple key areas of the brain including the hippocampus, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, the prefrontal cortex (PFC), and the striatum. Studies on Mental Health & Omega-3s    Mental health disorders are growing parabolically.  This is of major national concern in regards to public safety.  One clear connection is modern food processing.  Where […]

The Endless Benefits Of Omega-3

   Omega-3 fatty acid supplements have been proven effective through research performed at the world’s most prestigious institutions and published in the leading medical journals. It’s literally documented as a cure-all.     The fact is; a supplement doesn’t “cure.” On the other hand, there’s a glut of Omega 6 fatty acids and bad fats in […]

Cardiometabolic Protocols

Protocols For Improving Lipids, Inflammation, & HA1C The following cholesterol managing guidelines provide the dietary steps for managing inflammation and HA1C as well.  Inflammation and glucose are primarily issues of an excess energy intake, too many carbs.  Additionally, bad fats, a high Omega 6:3 ratio, and processed foods negatively impact lipids, CRP, and glucose levels.  […]

Get Your Fats In Order

Get Your Fats In Order by Dr. Ben Lerner Modern society has you getting the mass majority of your fats from Omega-6’s, eating too many trans-fats, and getting very, very little Omega-3’s. Omega-6 is involved in creating inflammation and Omega-3 is anti-inflammatory.It’s also likely that you’re eating a lot of commercially-raised animal products which contain toxins and […]