Educating Your Community 3/24/2020, COVID, Immunity, Vitamin D

Create, Educate, & Offer a Solution..  Fortunately, we’re all aware of the important role Vitamin D plays in our bodys overall well being. However, the most important responsibility we have as Wellness leaders is to constantly educate our communities. One of the best ways you are able to do so is by flooding your social […]

10X Your Chance to Prevent or Overcome Heart Disease By Dr. Ben Lerner

Two large-scale clinical studies from Northwestern University School of Medicine actually confirmed that the most important facets of healthcare, such as the no. 1 killer cardiovascular disease, have far more to do with lifestyle than genetics. The first study evaluated five lifestyle factors: smoking, weight, exercise, diet, and alcohol consumption. More than 2,000 people were […]

Which Tests Do I Take First? Plus Help with Care Plans?

Which test? DNA, Foods, or inflammation? The simple answer, of course, is all of them.   Seriously, from which indicator of your present health and future well-being do you not want to remain ignorant?  Yet, all tests are not practical for everyone and you may still be working on your ability to create an understanding of the urgency […]

Better Than Drugs

Better Than Drugs ACE Inhibitors are a common treatment for heart disease and high blood pressure. However, when you examine the effects of these drugs, there is cause for concern. ACE Inhibitors slow down the production of certain enzymes that your body makes naturally to survive, in order to artificially stop the production of other body […]

The Fat Burning Vitamin

The Fat Burning Vitamin As if studies showing that healthy Vitamin D levels protect against diabetes, heart disease, and cancer were not enough; new studies show that Vitamin D also impacts body fat. When it comes to weight and body fat levels; where the body fat is stored is also very important.  New research on […]