Weekly Newsletter!

Well Aligned Weekly Newsletter (Part 1 of 2) 1/6/2020 Welcome back, Well Aligned Leaders!   We hope you enjoyed the holiday break. The Vitalleo/Well Aligned team is extremely proud of the impact you and your staff have made in the year 2019. Thousands of tests have been completed since launching our program, translating to an immeasurable value […]

Weekly Newsletter

Well Aligned Weekly Newsletter12/10/19 Exciting New Resources… Dear Well Aligned Leader,   Our goal is to continually make it easier for you to implement and manage Well Aligned in your clinic to grow and save more lives. As we go through this individually in clinics and as advancing as a group, we are continually creating […]

Well Aligned Weekly Newsletter 12/5/19

The Weeks Important announcements: Please review the material below to learn about our new req forms, the most important webinar to date, our new & improved VD3K product & the improvements coming to our food panels as well as our Gut Health test.  New Test Requisition Forms..  Please note that we have created all new […]


You have an enzyme super system called “cytochrome 450” (Cyt-450) that exists primarily in the liver. A major component of the job of these enzymes is detoxification. You can look at Cyt-450 as having two major roles in detox: 1. Detox all foreign matter (xenobiotics) entering into the system from outside of the body.2. Effective decontamination […]

Back to the (Healthy) Future

INCLUDES 2 DELICIOUS HOLIDAY RECIPES by Dr. Ben LernerThe chemistry of our bodies is infinitely complicated. Just as Marty McFly found in the movie “Back To the Future” that interfering with his past would erase him from the present, science is currently demonstrating that interfering with the body’s natural intelligence to adapt via homeostasis, reduces […]