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as unique as you are.

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DNA Testing

Vitalleo DNA testing allows patients to utilize their genetics to decide to understand disease risks, what bodily systems require additional support, and what are the best diet, supplement, and exercise practices for their specific needs. Additionally, the test results point to the urgent need for chiropractic care.

Diagnostics & Testing

You are unique. A generic approach to diet and fitness goals and preventing or overcoming illness is limited. Genetic scientists and experts in nutrition, exercise physiology, and natural approaches to disease created the Well Aligned program to provide you with personalized insights and recommendations. Every test is reviewed by a trained Well Aligned practitioner to create an individualized plan to optimize your health.

Nutrition & Supplements

Nutrient deficiencies plague us today due to medications, toxins, stress, and poor diet. Budget products cannot get enough of the pure dose needed to increase the body’s nutrient levels and solve deficiencies. With Vitalleo, you get the purest ingredients in the forms your body can use immediately.

Programs for Doctors

The Well Aligned program harnesses the power of leading experts in DNA, nutrition, hormone science, and lab processes to create a one-of-a-kind system. Rather than treating symptoms, Well-Aligned provides the best clinical outcomes for patients by testing for, and addressing the cause of dysfunction.