Grow Your Practice With Supplements & Diagnostic Testing.

Treat patients at the root cause of their discomfort.

Branching Out into Supplements or Diagnostic Testing Might Feel Overwhelming.

  • Without proper training, you may feel like you’re recommending something you don’t fully understand.
  • It can be hard to distinguish between effective supplements and untested claims.
  • Labs are often required to be paid upfront whether or not you use the testing kit.
  • Large initial orders can make getting started feel like a big step.

Here's How to Get Started:

1. Schedule a Call

Getting started is as simple as picking up the phone. During this call we’ll walk through everything to expect and answer any questions you have.

2. Get Your Starter Kit

Your starter kit comes with a few of the best supplements to get started with as well as all the ongoing support and training you need to begin. This kit is designed to provide you with 2-3x ROI on your initial investment.

3. Treat Patients at the Source

Now that you have the tools to get a full picture of your patients’ health, you can create a treatment plan that solves the concerns at the source. And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Healthy Patients, Healthy Practice

At Vitalleo Health, we believe chiropractors should have access to the materials, training, and support network to be able to easily and confidently begin offering the best health supplements and testing options for their patients.

Diagnostic Programs

What is Included in the Well Aligned Program?

When a physician joins the Well-Aligned Program, they are getting access to all the materials, training, and community they need to successfully and confidently launch their health program at their practice. 
When you sign up, we will also send you your initial kit of your first offerings and schedule a training session with you.

The initial kit includes:

  • Six Test Kits*
  • One Edison Pack
  • One E+ Omega
  • One Titanium Immune
  • One Vitamin D3K
  • One Detox Pack

The initial kit is designed to provide you with 2-3x ROI on your initial joining cost. *This includes the testing kits only – lab fees are paid only as the testing kits are used.

What Could This Mean for Your Practice?

Diagnostic testing can give people insight into their body and how it functions. This can help them figure out which diet and exercise programs work best for them. It can also be a good indicator of someone’s likelihood to develop conditions like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and more. These test can also reveal issues with detoxification, methylation, oxidation, cholesterol metabolism, bone health, vitamin deficiencies, and bone health. 

The Well Aligned program will pair you with a trained practitioner that will help you interpret these results into a meaningful lifestyle plan.

Price Comparison Chart

Well Aligned Program
Other Competitors
Start Up Fee
Initial Inventory Requirement
$20,000 – $50,000
Setup Time
0 Months
8 – 10 Months
Lab Fees Charged
When Results are Provided
When Kit is Purchased
Staff Can Run Program
Drop Shipping Available
Total Start Up Cost & Time
$1,000 & 2 – 3 Weeks
$32,000+ & 8+ Months

*Stock is recommended and an amount will be suggested to you by your rep, but there is no requirement to order a specific amount during setup.

Get The Ongoing Inventory & Training You Need

Whether you are starting out slowly or jumping in full speed, it’s important that you have the confidence you need to recommend the right testing and vitamin supplements for your patients. Our team of experts is here to support you every step of the way. 

It’s time to help your patients solve root issues and get a full picture of their entire health journey.

The Training You Need





Help Patients with:

Free eBook

3 Common Problems Chiropractors See and How to Finally Overcome Them


As a chiropractor, your main goal is to treat each patient and move them towards healing and wellness. But how regularly is that halted by treatments that are simply not working anymore? You see it time and time again. Your patients are coming in with the same issues and no matter what they do, it seems like it won’t get any better. 

Pain can take many forms and relief is not a one-size fits all process. Relieving pain requires an approach that embraces the whole person, not just the source of pain. 

To combat this constant cycle for you and your patients, we created this asset to walk you through the three common issues you see in your patients and how to treat them at the source.

Because at Vitalleo, we believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy life.

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