Edison Nitric Oxide Support

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Edison Nitric Oxide Support for a Healthy Cardiovascular System & Peak Cognitive Function
Edison Nitric Oxide Support helps support your nitric oxide levels by supplementing your diet with an oxalate free product.  As you age, this aids in the maintenance of cardiovascular, cognitive, and the body’s overall health.

Nitric Oxide is a signaling molecule.  When it’s created and released, this gas easily and quickly penetrates nearby membranes and cells, sending its signals.  N-O signals arteries to relax and expand, which translates to improved circulation.  Nitric Oxide is naturally made in the body, but as you age you may be producing less than what your body requires.  Supplementing the diet with an N-O contributing product can be helpful in maintaining optimal levels, which in turn can provide healthy circulatory benefit.*

It has long been known that the Arginine pathway is not as efficient or effective for people over 40.  It has also become known that beets and spinach are high in oxalates.  This product contains the highest N-O containing food as well as the lowest oxalate contributor….Arugula.  Also utilized is L-5-MTHF (methyltetrahydrofolate) for those who genetically have trouble converting dietary nitrate.




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