When my patients see that they’re saving $100 or more per month by choosing the Edison Pack, they’re extremely happy to purchase them. They love that they’re specifically made with Chiropractic patients in mind, and they aren’t having to take dozens of pills per day.
Dr. Miller
Patients get top shelf support and an outrageous physiological boost. One patient was feeling so good he came in and demanded to buy this stuff for his wife!
Dr. Foedisch
Very impressed with the Edison Pack auto-ship program. Set up my first new patient on the quarterly shipment. It was an absolute breeze.
Dr. Verch
South Carolina
A patient of mine for 6 years. We helped her through round one of breast cancer. Then, round two. She has been on consistent maintenance care but one thing we couldn’t battle was her depression (even with other supplements). She has been on Vitalleo one month. And today she came in and she was glowing and smiling, and it blew us all away. She can’t believe the change.
Dr. Brauchla
I’ve been taking it for 30 days, not crashing at end of morning or late afternoon! Also, two of my staff taking and not feeling tired and are more relaxed since starting packs!
Dr. Dallies
North Carolina