Cortisol Test Kit


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** Please note, all test results are sent directly to your Well Aligned Practitioner **

This test kit measures cortisol levels; one of the stress hormones produced in the adrenal glands which plays an important role in metabolism.



Saliva samples must be administered at four different times a day. Please freeze each sample until they are ready to be shipped or returned to the Dr’s office.

Do not:

  • Drink alcohol the day of sample collections.
  • Smoke, use tobacco, consume anything, or brush your teeth 30 minutes prior to collecting a sample.
  • Eat a meal 60 minutes before collecting sample #3 & #4.


Sample Collection Times: 

  • #1 Upon Waking (30 minutes)
  • #2 Noon or Miday
  • #3 Afternoon (3pm-5pm)
  • #4 Evening (Between 9pm-11pm)
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