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Cortisol is a hormone that is known as the body’s stress response. It regulates blood pressure, glucose metabolism, immune function, inflammation, and insulin through the body’s fight or flight response. We need cortisol to help us with energy during the day, and to help metabolize macronutrients. The problem is when the levels become too high or prolonged, which can result in hyperglycemia, decreased muscle tissue, high blood pressure, reduced cognitive function, increased abdominal fat, lower immunity, and reduced thyroid function.

This test kit measures cortisol levels during four critical times of the day.


Saliva samples must be administered at four different times a day. Please freeze each sample until they are ready to be shipped or returned to the Dr’s office.

Do not:

  • Drink alcohol the day of sample collections.
  • Smoke, use tobacco, consume anything, or brush your teeth 30 minutes prior to collecting a sample.
  • Eat a meal 60 minutes before collecting sample #3 & #4.

Sample Collection Times: 

  • #1 Upon Waking (30 minutes)
  • #2 Noon or Miday
  • #3 Afternoon (3pm-5pm)
  • #4 Evening (Between 9pm-11pm)


If you have any questions, please reach out to us or to your Well Aligned Practitioner.

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