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This delicious chocolate-flavored supplement is suitable for both adults and children.

Studies show that low Vitamin D levels increase the risk of Type 1 diabetes, pain, depression, and cancers of the breast, colon, ovaries, esophagus, and lymphatic system. It is vital for managing inflammation, cognitive function, and involvement with over 900 genes.


THE NEW RELEASE OF VITAMIN D3K.  Why did we add the K?

Of the many critical functions of vitamin D, one vital function is to promote the absorption of calcium and maintain adequate calcium levels in your blood.  Deficiency can cause bone loss and related degenerative issues.

Vitamin D works with Vitamin K, which is needed for blood clotting and promotes the accumulation of calcium in your bones and teeth.

Vitamin D ensures that your blood calcium is at a high enough level to meet your body’s needs. However, vitamin D does not fully control where the calcium in your body is absorbed. That is where the balance with vitamin K is required.

The intention was always to utilize the Edison Pack in every patient plan so that the co-nutrients, particularly Vitamin K, necessary for the proper regulation of calcium was being taken along with the Vitamin D.

Vitamin K promotes calcification of bone and reduces calcification in soft tissues.  There is a concern that Vit D without the K can lead to calcification in unwanted areas in the body.


We have researched and worked with our biochemists to discover the most important elements of Vitamin K-2 to create the ideal blend for the new D3K

Our K-2 Blend includes both MK-7 and MK-4.  MK-7 is a form of vitamin K2 that has the greatest bioavailability and found in nutrients such as fermented foods.  Studies show that MK-7 decreases CRP, EST, DAS28-ESR, and MMP-3, thus extremely helpful in managing the health of bone and joint tissues. Additionally, we have MK-4 also proven to be clinically effective.

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